Good News Club Outing

Long before 8am on Thursday, somewhere around 200 of the Good News Club kids and teachers were assembled and waiting for the vans to arrive and shuttle us to the countryside just outside of Antananarivo. Pictures might  be the best way to share some of the highlights with you.
Once we arrived, all the kids gathered around to receive instructions for the day.
We found the coolest looking grasshopper I have ever seen!
It was a hot day and when the kids ran out of water, some of us went to try to find water. One of the local ladies showed us where the water hole was or we would have never found it. We ended up making two trips, arms full of water bottles.
One of the little boys had fun bringing me lots of beautiful flowers.
Towards the end of the day the kids put on a talent show filled with singing, dancing and skits.
I enjoyed playing with all the kids. This little one was almost always right by me and chattering away. I was thrilled to be able to understand most of what she said, lisp and all! J
After the talent show a bunch of the kids crowded around and we had fun finding out everyone’s favorite foods, and many other random questions. They loved asking “have you ever eaten ______?” questions. I was thankful to be understand almost all of what they were saying.
I can’t help but thank God for the opportunity to be a part of the ministry of CEF and have the privilege of building relationships with the kids and teens here and investing in their lives? Thank you for joining me through your prayer and support!

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Christa Robbins said...

Amazing pictures!! Yes, you are purple rice and God is using you! I'm a little bit stoked right now. :)