And Then The Cyclone Hits

That paper tornado I posted about a while back while I was getting ready for pre-training? I didn't know what I was talking about. Forget tornados. There has been a full blown paper cyclone in my house lately. That is because Christian Youth in Action is coming!!
Seheno came over to help color song visuals that the teens at
Christian Youth in Action will use when teaching 5-Day Clubs.

Hasina also, helped. I am so thankful for them!

Stacks of paper covered not only the table but lined the floor.

After the pages were colored, we assembled them into books.

And finally, after 8 hours straight, the paper cyclone was neatly organized in books. There are books with song visuals for each teaching team, books with memory verse visuals and books with pictures of the missionary the teens will be teaching the kids about at 5-Day Club.
Even though the cyclone appears to have moved on, we are really only in the eye of the storm. The other half is expected to hit somewhere around Tuesday morning. :)