Oh Wait… What was I thinking ??

  • Riding along in the taxi be, I watched an old car pull into a lot where I could just see the fenders of several other old cars and some people milling around. My first thought : Old car show. Oh wait…that would never work here, half the cars qualify. What was I thinking ?
  • Running out the door late one morning, starving but with no time to eat, I thought to myself, I’ll just stop at a drive through on the way to school. Oh wait…no drive throughs. What was I thinking ?
  • Attempting to plan out my day, I decided to run errands first then I could just leave the stuff in the car while I worked with Haja on Malagasy. Oh wait…that won’t work, I don’t have a car. What was I thinking ??
                These oh wait… moments slowly decrease in frequency as the new habits and ways of life slowly become normal and even almost second nature. Today on the way to study Malagasy, I climbed on a taxi be that had actual seats and not the usual booths to sit in. Not one person was squeezed up against me or even touched me for that matter the entire ride. I had no idea what to do with this new experience. Maybe, just maybe, one day living in my Malagasy world will be completely second nature.