First Teaching Experience

Are you purple rice, someone who catches the eye of others because of how you live your life? Different from the rest? When people see you are they left wondering why you are different and wanting what you have because they have just seen the image of Jesus in you? These are the questions I talked about during my first 20 minute teaching experience in Malagasy. I talked about how we become “purple rice” and how we can help the kids who come to club to also be “purple rice.” While I would have loved to have one more day to prepare for my first teaching experience in Malagasy, I totally enjoyed teaching and it was a wonderful reminder that God doesn’t need my perfection to use me and speak through me. It is in my weakness that I am strong and am forced to rely completely on Him to accomplish through me that which I am incapable of. I gave everyone some purple rice that I had colored with some purple nail polish I had found at the market and tied it in pieces of a clear bag that I had got while buying vegetables. On a side note, I discovered being resourceful is a requirement here if I want to carry out a craft project since I can no longer rely on Michael’s and The Craft Warehouse. The things I talked about are things that God has been challenging me with lately. As we left the meeting, the teens and I continued discussing what it looked like to be “purple rice.” Teasing and sarcastic comments where met with comments like, “are you being purple rice right now??” J The next day, the Good News Club kids, teachers and I assembled to go on an outing and one of the kids who had been at the meeting the day before was explaining to one of the other kids about being “purple rice” and showing them the purple rice that he had in his pocket. Are you purple rice?

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Ah, so good! thanks sis.