Only three months until life begins??

Have you ever had the feeling that you are just waiting for life to begin? I have often felt this way in the last five years since God called me to Madagascar. Contentment with where God currently has me has never come easy. I find myself thinking things like, life will really begin when I am accepted as a missionary with CEF. Life will really begin when I start raising support…when I am done raising support….when I finish internship…when I look out the window of the plane and see the beautiful red island under me. Life will really begin when I speak Gasy fluently and am able to begin ministry here. Life will really begin when…..
Yesterday a large brown envelope with my name written neatly on it was handed to me. The excitement grew as I learned that inside this envelope were the lessons I would be teaching at the Children’s Ministry Institute here in Madagascar this fall. Clutching the lessons tightly on the way home, I thought with delight about how much fun it will be to be teaching again. Then the fear popped up as I thought about all that would change/begin in just a few short months.
In just a few short months I will be able to focus on ministry instead of language learning. As the countdown begins (three months!) the anticipation grows as I think about being able to teach again. And then there is the fear that comes along as I wonder if my Malagasy will be where it needs to be by then. I am so thankful that God gives us the gifts and abilities we need to complete the work He has called us to! Please pray that I will fully embrace where God has placed me during these next three months: language learning. Pray that God will give me wisdom in how best to study. Praise God with me that He equips us for everything He has called us to do.

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