This last week I believe I have gained some new insights into motherhood (yes, if you are a mom, when you get to the end you can laugh at my ignorance and tell me how it really is). It all started last month when my cat gave birth to six kittens. All has been fine until this last week when the ankle high fuzzies have begun running around outside their nest. Here are a few of the realizations I have made.
Chores are ten times harder because the tribe runs around chasing the broom and mop and anything else that moves.

Even picky eaters will eat whatever food you give them if there are no other options or treats until it is gone.
I love their nap times when I can get things done without anyone getting under foot and the house is quiet.
Mom sent the cutest toys for them, but their favorite thing to play with is the box the stuff was sent in.
I used to wonder why anyone would let their kids sleep in their beds with them at night….until last night when three little fuzzies curled up to sleep on my bed with me and I couldn’t find it in my heart to send them back to their nest.
It’s really hard to say no or demand any kind of discipline when adoring eyes are staring up at you.
I get excited when one of them uses the litter box. (so far only one does….I am slightly worried about what the five others are using…I should go check the shoes under my bed…)
Cooking is more challenging than I ever imagined as three of them hang on my shirt and pants and more are clamoring around my feet all meowing loudly, joining in the demanding meows of their hungry mother.
Needless to say, I realized today that I am probably raising six (make that seven) brats here and their new  families might not appreciate this. So I decided that some ground rules need to be set. First: You can’t be in the kitchen when I am cooking if you cry and climb/hang on me. Second: I do not give into adoring looks (right…..). Third: Sleep in your own bed (not sure I have the heart to enforce this one) Fourth: You will eat whatever food I give you without complaining before you get treats. Hey, I figure it’s worth a try….if nothing else, if I can just survive the next five weeks, I can give them all away. May I never actually be a mother someday…

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Christa Robbins said...

THIS is awesome! :) haha was grinning through the whole thing! :P