Jeso Tsara Ho Aho

   When I was in Madagascar I learned a song in the Malagasy language, Jeso Tsara Ho Aho. The words in English are, God is good to me, God is good to me, He holds my hand, He helps me stand, God is good to me. I often find the Malagasy words running through my head as I think about the many ways I have seen God's goodness in my life. How exciting it is that soon we will be sharing the hope of the Gospel and the goodness of God with Malagasy children who have never heard.


Yes, there are people living in Madagascar.

The other day, Jan (the CEF director of Snohomish County) and I were at a Christmas party. A boy who was about 11 or 12 was talking to Jan, telling her he wanted to be a missionary in Japan. Jan said, "Oh that's wonderful! You need to meet Tara, she's going to be a missionary in Madagascar." The boy's eyes got big as he looked at me and said, "There are people in Madagascar??" It was all I could do not to start laughing. :) As we were leaving, the boy was walking behind us with his sisters. I overheard him say, "Did you know there are people in Madagascar??!!" Kids are so cute. :)
Tonight I am sharing at a youth group. I will be telling them how God called me to missions, and what I will be doing in Madagascar. We will also be talking about Romans 12:1 and they will be challenged to give their lives completely to God by listening to Him and obeying Him. Please pray with me that God will put His words in my mouth, and that the kids will desire to live in obedience to God.


Snohomish County!

          This last week I have been working with the CEF director of Snohomish County, Jan Akam. On Friday we visited one of the After School Good News Clubs in Stanwood. The kids were so excited because they were getting Wonderbook Devotionals after club. It was great to see them eager to spend time with God. Yesterday I spoke at a CEF prayer breakfast in Skagit county, and had the opportunity to speak this evening at a church in Marysville. I am so thankful to be able to share the ministry of reaching the children of Madagascar with others and give them an opportunity to join us.

The children heard about Naaman and the children who have
already believed in Jesus were challenged to tell other about Jesus.

The Good News Club teachers were amazing!

In addition to talking to the kids about Madagascar, and
missions,  I was able to lead some of the songs.