Trip Update

The day got off to a great start yesterday as my sister (Kelsie) and I got a few of the lasts seats on a plane to Seattle where she lives and where I was flying out of. The plane we were going to take got canceled. The Seattle airport worked out great and the flight left on time. However, there is one thing that I should mention. If you are planning on running around the airport with luggage that weighs more then you do, please get one of those carts to put it all on. Hopefully I'll be smart enough to follow my own advice next time. ;) I don't remember much about the flight out of Seattle to New York, it was the perfect opportunity to get some sleep. Upon arriving in New York I found out our plane to South Africa got delayed 12 hours. Currently I am sitting in a hotel room provided by the airline awaiting my flight out at midnight. I will arrive in Madagascar on June 2nd now instead of on the 1st. (if all goes according to the plan here) Traveling is always so much fun. :)


Up, up and away!

The day has finally come!! After getting all the loose ends wrapped up, finishing school, and packing, I am flying out today!! I fly to New York, South Africa, then Madagascar. On June 1st (around 12pm their time) I will land in Madagascar and language learning will begin. :) Thank you for praying for me and your faithful support.


Plane Tickets and a Visa

On May 30th I will be heading to Madagascar! It is exciting, and scary, to have plane tickets and my visa. On one hand, I can't wait to be there, jump into the culture, learn the language and work with the Malagasy children and teens. But on the other side, being away from Madagascar for three years makes it easy to forget why I am doing what I am doing and just focus on everything I will be leaving behind. As I pack and tie up loose ends in these last 26 days, I am praying that God will renew my passion for the work he has called me to each day so that when departure day rolls around I will be nothing but excited as I board the plane, looking forward to what is ahead.

                                                      My visa!