Tips for Riding the Taxi Be (Bay)

Just incase any of you are planning on taking the taxi be anywhere tomorrow, I thought I would give you a few hints that I have learned over the past four weeks to make your ride a little more comfortable.

1. If you are fortunate enough to have your choice of seats there are a few things you need to look for.
     a. If the seat is over a wheel, leg room is almost non exsistant. Choose a seat that is not over a wheel.
     b. If the window is open, be aware that it might be stuck that way. Choose a seat that is not by an 
        open window unless it is hot and you don't mind windblown hair.
     c. If at all possible sit as far towards the back as possible. This way you can't see out the windshield and
        are spared be scared to death as you weave in and out and around traffic.
2. If you are getting on a crowded taxi be, know that taking your jacket off or putting it on once you are
    inside is impossible. Do this before entering the vehicle.
3. Never take more with you then you are able and/or willing to hold on your lap.
4. Don't bother looking for a seat belt. There are enough other passangers riding with you that you are snugg
   and secure. No need to worry. :) (today I was one of 40 passengers on a taxi be that had 24 seats)
5. The numbers on the front of the taxi be do matter. Be sure you get on the right number to get where you
   want to go.
6. All taxi be's go to Pastor D's house. No need to check the number as long as you are coming from my
   town. :)

I hope after these tips come in handy next time you take the taxi be!


Home Sweet Home

The last few weeks have been busy with learning the ropes of life here in Madagscar. This is the downstairs floor of the house I am renting.

On Tuesday I got a washing machine!! Isn't it beautiful and shiney?? I tested it out and it works great. :)

This is my stove, oven and microwave. You wouldn't believe how much you can do with it!

This is my refrigerator and kitchen cupboard. Everything is labeled with little white cards so I learn the Malagasy words for everything. :)

Thank you for praying for me and your support. It is exciting to begin the next step of this journey.