Dear Dad and Grandpa,

Remember the many times we went fishing when I was growing up? Then I would watch (or try not to watch…) while you cleaned the fish up at the trailer? Or how bout those times we took video tapes of you guys cleaning the fish? Why did we even do that? Though the videos are hilarious so I guess it was worth it. J
Well, one of my favorite foods here is fish, especially the ones that are fried whole so you can eat the fins and everything. But I realized that I love to eat them but don’t know how to prepare them… So, when a few of the teens came over the other week we bought fish to fry. I decided to ask one of the boys to show me how to prepare them. Sleeves rolled up and equipped with knives, the two of us stood over the sink, the plate of slimy fish staring us down (literally). First I found myself gripping the slimy fish in one hand and using a knife to scrap scales off the fish. I learned that how you hold the knife is very important. After holding it wrong I had fish scales flying all over. Then we were cutting a slit in the bottom of the fish, squeezing out the guts and putting our fingers up the hole to make sure all the guts were out. Trying to appear unfazed, I pulled out strings of guts with my eyes half closed, and trying to keep the horrified looks off my face. Sitting down to eat that night, I couldn’t help but feel a small sense of self satisfaction that I had finally cleaned a fish. I must say, they were some of the most delicious fish I have ever eaten, except of course the ones from Twin Lakes.
Dad and Grandpa, thank you for introducing me to fish early on. All those hours in the boat fishing and cleaning paid off! I am sure I owe all the credit to you that I was able to complete this task with my dignity and appetite still in check at the end. J Thank you for preparing me well for the task God created me for here in Madagascar.
All my love,                             


Lesley said...

You amaze me, girl! I don't think I'd have been hungry after that! =O

Ashley said...

I'm sooo sad I couldn't experience this with you!!!! What I'd give to have seen you learn how to clean a fish. ;) Mayhaps you'll teach me someday??

Christa Robbins said...

Amazing! :) haha