Ampefy, Madagascar

Lost for words, I stood at the top of the waterfall, watching the water plunge down to a pool far below that was surrounded by greenery and rocks. The only words I could come up with were, “Author! Author!”
I went to Ampefy, Madagascar with the Alpha School students, three of whom are the teens I teach on Saturdays. They all study English at the Alpha School, and I go there to study Malagasy with one of the teachers, Haja. After several hours squeezed into a packed out vehicle, bumping along dusty roads that were far from smooth, we finally arrived. Climbing to the bottom of the waterfall, we were delighted to find that you could feel the mist from the water even from the far side of the pool.
After enjoying the waterfall, we went to some hot springs to eat lunch. The hot springs were beautiful! Pictures can’t do justice, but I thought I would share a few anyway. J
Surrounded by the magnificent beauty of nature, I felt comfortingly small and insignificant. It was a reminder that God is in complete control. That is comforting when surrounded with a new language and putting in a visa application with two weeks left until I need it. How thankful I am He is in control!
                                                                     Lily Waterfall

The bridge across the river made me slightly nervous....

 Claudia, Hasina and Lanto are three of the girls who teach Good News Clubs and 5-Day Clubs. They come over to my house every Wednesday to hang out. They practice their English and I practice my Malagasy. :)

Hot Springs

Haja is my language helper who teaches English at the Alpha School. Tatienne lives with me and has been amazing helping me learn the in's and out's of life here in Madagascar.

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Ashley said...

Yay!! Pics of you! :) That looks like a Georgette place! I like the lil rainbow in the first pic. And, it'd say you're definetly more tan...a few more months and you won't even be able to tell. ;)