I used to think I was pretty decent at playing the game Taboo. A group of people are divided into two teams, and people from the teams go back and forth drawing cards and trying to get the other members of their team to say the word on the card but they can’t say four or five words that are listed on the card that would usually be used to describe the word. Basically you have to be creative with how you explain the word and talk fast.
Madagascar has taken Taboo to a whole new level. So you don’t know a word, no problem. You just need to find a way to describe it using words you do know. For example, as it is becoming warm outside, I often take advantage of the sun rays in an attempt work on the tan, so that I don’t feel like I glow quite so much. No one seems to understand why I am sitting in the sun, and as they cower in the shade, they often ask why are you sitting in the sun?? Aren’t you hot?? Is there a word for ‘tanning’ in Malagasy? I’m not sure, but if there is I don’t know it. So my response is, “Mila maka loko aho” (I need to get some color). This always makes everyone laugh, and some people even offer to trade skin colors with me. I still haven’t learned the word for tanning, but “Mila maka loko” has become common knowledge and they even use it to explain to others why I am sitting in the sun.
Next time I play Taboo with you, I am pretty sure I’ll beat your socks off, unless of course you are another missionary in a similar situation…then game on!


Ashley said...

Haha! Bring it to the next International Conference!! ;)

Ashley said...

P.S. I awarded you an award on my blog.