Home Sweet Home

The last few weeks have been busy with learning the ropes of life here in Madagscar. This is the downstairs floor of the house I am renting.

On Tuesday I got a washing machine!! Isn't it beautiful and shiney?? I tested it out and it works great. :)

This is my stove, oven and microwave. You wouldn't believe how much you can do with it!

This is my refrigerator and kitchen cupboard. Everything is labeled with little white cards so I learn the Malagasy words for everything. :)

Thank you for praying for me and your support. It is exciting to begin the next step of this journey.


Ashley said...

It's so cute! I'm super impressed you cook on that! I think I'd need some practice. :)

Jon and Erin Stephens said...

Love the washer! We had one just like it until we moved into our house :) Hope the language learning is going well.

Lesley said...

I totally laughed when I saw your washing machine - you go girl!! :D