Teaching Children Effectively

Class went good tonight. I taught on classroom management. I enjoy teaching, but it has also been fun to listen to the other instructors teach and get ideas from them. :) I find myself listening to their illustrations and examples and trying to decide if I will be able to steal their ideas and use them when I am teaching in Madagascar. Tonight one of the instructors started class with a skit about a teen who had just gotten a car but had no clue how to drive it. The point was once kids accept Jesus, we need to help them know what to do next and teach them to grow. It was a great introduction, but I'm not so sure it would work in Madagascar. Maybe we can use an oxcart instead of a car. :)
Tomorrow I will be visiting a Good News Club here in Vancouver. I enjoy telling kids about Madagascar and kids who live halfway around the world. My prayer is that the kids leave with a burden to share the Gospel and follow God's leading in their lives.

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Ashley said...

Glad it went well! Praying for you!