The Week in Pictures

I think the best way to tell you about Christian Youth in Action is by showing you some pictures. We had an amazing week and learned a lot!
The first three days, the teens learned the 5-Day Club songs, complete with motions.

They learned everything they would need to know to prepare and teach a club.
And they learned the games they would play with the children. 

We spent time prepare for clubs in teaching teams and individually.

The first day, we thought having five teens across the backseat was a lot.
Then after getting 19 people in the back of a small pick up truck, we realized we were wrong.
Then we went out in teams and the teens put everything they had learned into practice.

There were songs

Bible Lessons,

Time for the kids to learn about missionaries,

More songs,

Memory Verses,



the teens did a readers theater version of the missionary story about John Paton.
And of course games.
Each day, the teens counseled many children who accepted Jesus as their Savior.

On the last day of club, there were some very happy children who had
had a great time that week during club.


God did so many amazing things through out the training, we had great weather, hard working students, great club locations, and everyone made it to and from club everyday even with some transportation problems. Best of all, even though it was the first one that we have done here in Madagascar and there are definitely things that we will change for next time, God was right there helping us make changes as we went and bringing everything together. Thank you so much for praying for us during CYIA! We appreciate you!


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Kathleen King said...

I love seeing your pictures and hearing about your adventures!