It's National Conference Week!!

I can’t forget the last time I was in Antsirabe just over a year ago. I had just arrived and spoke pretty much no Malagasy whatsoever. I remember on the bus ride there, I was go over one of my first Malagasy lessons, turning things on and off. I remember sitting by the women cooking rice in the mornings and wishing I could talk to them. And then there was walking through the streets with the girls as they taught me names of buildings such as church, market, school and so on. They still tease me about that and laugh over how I said certain things. Then there was sitting on the edge of the lake with the teens. Renoh gave me a lesson on ‘there is’ and the difference between ‘can’ as in, ‘I can speak English.” And ‘can’ as in, ‘I can go to the store.’ These are lessons I will never forget, though I am not sure how I remember them so well in the craziness of my first few months here. It makes me super happy that when we arrive in Antsirabe tomorrow (Monday) for the week, I am able to communicate, ok….for the most part anyway.

This week is the National CEF Conference. About 100 CEF staff, volunteers, and committee members will be there. I will have time to share about the Christian Youth in Action program we are excited to see started here. Please be praying that the staff here will be excited about CYIA and that God will give me the right words as I present.  I also get the opportunity to help the CEF chapter I am from teach a Good News Club. I will be teaching the Bible lesson about Jesus’ Resurrection.

We are heading out tomorrow at 5am. I look forward to what new lessons Antsirabe holds for me this year!

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