On Monday evening I answered a knock at my door.  One of the teens had stopped by with a basket that was pinned closed. Inside was a new addition to my house. When the basket was opened, a little gray/brown tabby kitten crawled out. There hasn’t been a dull moment here since. He has endless energy and is either busy getting into everything imaginable or he is sleeping on someone’s lap. His favorite antic so far has been climbing up anyone’s pants who is cooking or doing the dishes to get a good view. He digs his claws in and just hangs there watching what is going on. His name is Sangy, which means messing around in Malagasy. J
Last night a few of the boys came over to meet him. We went to the market to get veggies and some meat for dinner. At the first market, we couldn’t get the meat we wanted so we walked to a different one. On the way, one of the boys mentioned that we needed to find some meat because we have Sangy. I thought he said if we couldn’t find any meat then at least we have Sangy….like to eat…. After my horrified reaction, thankfully, we got the miscommunication straightened out. J

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