Language Training

The first few weeks in Colorado were filled with learning non English sounds and becoming aware of what my mouth and tongue were doing as we practiced drills. We also spent time listening to sounds and identifying them. After going over the Malagasy phonetics chart with one of the instructors, I realized I have alot to work on since I can't even make some of the sounds...yet. :) We also learned how to work with a language helper. I got to practice doing activities with a German language helper. It was alot of fun and there was plenty to laugh about. I'm really happy I don't have to learn German. :) I can't wait to begin working with Malagasy language helpers when I get to Madagascar!

These are some of the classmates in my drill group. During drills we
spent alot of time looking in little mirror and watching our mouths
and tongues as we imitated the sounds our drill instructors made.

We spent some time exploring Colorado on the weekend. My favorite place so far is Garden of the Gods.

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Ashley said...

Hey Tara! Thanks for the pics and the glimpse of what it's like there. Have to say I'm not at all jealous of the mirrors...kinda glad I didn't have to use those. ;) Can't wait to see you in April!!