Heart for Missions

One of the Good News Club teachers here in Washington shared a precious story with me. The kids at this club have been praying for me and take an offering each week. The teacher said, "At one of our Good News Clubs in December, during our missionary time, it was time to take the offering. A little girl disappeared briefly and came walking back in with a big smile on her face and a piggy bank in her hands. She walked to the front seat and sat down. Some of her friends gathered around her as she proceeded to empty her piggy bank into the offering plate. Here is a picture." As I pray that the last 5% of my support will come in by the end of the month, I am amazed how God even uses children to answer my prayers. I know God has wonderful plans for this little girl's life. Her heart for missions is humbling.

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Ashley said...

That's such a great story Tara. It's amazing to see how God answers our prayers. I'm praying you'll be fully supported by the end of the month!